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The purchase of future credit card receivables (Merchant Cash Advances) has become a recognized method for small restaurants, retailers and service based businesses to collateralize the success of their business.  Historically, banks have valued collateral that is easily liquidated and avoids the necessity to operate the business as a going concern.  Family funds are traditionally not available or insufficient to meet the need to preserve or expand a business.

Merchant Cash Advance has become a recognized and valuable funding method for small business.  The rapid expansion of the Merchant Cash Advance as a financing tool is testament to the need and ease of administration.  Split funding is used to pay the funding company its pro-rata share of the future receivable. This method of financing has spread from North America (US and Canada) to the UK and soon to India.

Given the current credit crunch in the North American Market and the unwillingness of the Banks to funds small businesses, Cash Advance gives the merchant the option to meet his working capital need.  The funding principle for the Cash Advance is based not only on the Credit Score of the merchant but his overall financial discipline and payment track with suppliers / landlord. The underwriting process involves verification of Trade and Landlord references. Unlike banks taking over 45 – 60 days to fund, Cash Advance companies can fund the merchant within 7-10 business days.

Are you a business that accepts Visa / MasterCard / Discover as a form of payment?
Are you in business for more than 12 months?
Do you have more than $5000 in monthly credit card sales?
If the answer to these questions is YES then please fax us your credit card processing statements on 1-866-607-8171 and our Funding specialist will call you back with the funding options.
The following business verticals have historically proved to be the best for processing & cash advances.
  • Spas and Salons
  • Liquor - Retail
  • Jewelry - Retail
  • Clothing - Retail
  • Auto Repair
  • Bars / Clubs
  • Restaurants (Sit Down)
High risk merchants such as internet and E Commerce businesses & Low Margin businesses such as gas stations, convenience stores are not funded by the cash advance companies.
Merchant Cash Advance
Merchant Account
Best Benefits
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